Group Dental Insurance

Flexible plan designs let you tailor offerings to fit your organization. You decide on the best plan features to keep current employees happy — and attract new talent.

  • Marketing to all of the major carriers offering PPO networks and HMO benefits and benefits for non-participating Dentists

  • Flexible plan designs from employer sponsored to employer funded

  •  Networks that meet your geographical area with pre network evaluation

  • Riders for Orthodontic care

  • Core and Buy up plan designs

  • ASO services for large group plans

  • Plans from voluntary, preventive only, to full indemnity plans

The insurance products mentioned may be issued by various companies and may not be available in all states. Underwriting is required. All comments about such products are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract issued by the carrier. MTD makes no representation regarding the suitability of this concept or the product(s) for an individual nor is MTD providing tax or legal advice.


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