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Permanent Life Insurance

Why Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent Life insurance provides the insured life insurance coverage for the rest of their life until they pass. The primary foundation of Permanent Life Insurance is the guaranteed rates (mortality rates, interest rates, and company expenses) and values (premiums, death benefits, and cash values) it provides clients.  Permanent Life is designed to guarantee cash values that are equal to the guaranteed death benefit at the policy’s maturity, which usually happens at age 100, 121, or some other age. Permanent Life Insurance is best fit for those who want a very reliable guaranteed and predictable performance out of their life insurance policy.

Different Whole Life Product Designs

  •           Level Pay Whole Life (paid up to maturity)

  •           10 Pay Whole Life

  •           20 Pay Whole Life

  •           Paid-Up at Age 65 Whole Life

  •           Single Pay Whole Life

Some Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

  • The death benefit remains level throughout the lifetime of the contract. Insurers invented the level premium concept to make the whole life contract affordable for as long as the policy owner decides to keep it.

  • The Whole Life policies develop cash values overtime at maturity as an outgrowth and byproduct of the fixed and level premium.

  • Whole Life Insurance policies have fixed schedules of the cash values that the client may borrow for any reason at anytime (emergencies, business opportunities, down payments etc.) or may surrender the contract at their own discretion.

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